February 7, 2023

Carlos Hernandez


This archived article was written by: Terlynn Westphal

Born in California, raised in Idaho, Carlos Hernandez attends Utah State University as a sophomore. He first attended Idaho State University. Without Utah residency, he was not able to transfer to Utah State Logan with his siblings. This brought him to Price, Utah, where he is happy to be a student at USUE. Hernandez will graduate this spring with his associate’s degree, then plans to pursue engineering at USU Logan.
With the understanding that aspirations aren’t usually obtained easily, he gives an example of how he made the decision between engineering and computer science. He learned from computer science classes that the subject was not something he could be successful in. His success in math classes makes it evident that he can put his full effort into engineering someday.
Hernandez enjoys math and is taking Calculus 2. Education is a priority and something he values. He also hopes that more people can view education with a positive outlook.
He said, “I didn’t value my education much, not that I didn’t care, I just wasn’t aware of the opportunity.” He explains that, because of financial burden and other factors, many people don’t consider college. One of his two sisters attended college. He observed that his student sister received scholarships and opportunity. “I wish that, both, parents and the education system would try to inform everyone that there is opportunity for everyone out there.”
Hernandez knows how to handle stress. “Even when I know I will do bad; I try not to stress because I know [the stress] will hurt me more.”
He also has the ability to pressure himself. Along with studying, he is training for a marathon. He will complete the 26.2 miles this June in Idaho.

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