July 22, 2024

Rachel E. Hall


This archived article was written by: Terlynn Westphal

Price local, Rachel Hall, attends Utah State University Eastern as a freshman. Hall is currently working on generals in art but her general is subject to change. “I may transfer to a program that does vet tech.” Hall and a friend care for stray animals. They provide appropriate medical attention including making sure they have vaccinations and are spade and neutered. This exemplifies Hall’s caring and genuine personality. She said, “Even if we can’t provide a home for them, we just make sure they have the care they need.”
Hall has a love for animals and illustration. Upon graduating, it is undecided what she will practice. “It’s my dream to be an illustrator, but I also like working with animals. Maybe I’ll do a little bit of both.” While this decision is in the future, Hall focuses right now on being motivated and getting work done.
Hall attended the College of Eastern Utah roughly seven years ago and dropped out due to health related-issues. Hall was diagnosed with Autism. From this, she has developed motivation to better herself in areas including academics.
“I am learning about myself. I’m actually really proud of myself.” She has worked hard to become an exceptional student. Last semester, she had high A’s in all of her classes and was on the honor roll. She plans on maintaining this.
She has an admiration for people, including herself and understands that hard things can be done. “Life always has a way of working itself out”, She said.
Autism has influenced Hall’s view of society and people in general. She believes it is important to advocate for herself and others. “Autism is not a bad thing. Some people like to treat it as a disease and a horrible thing. That breaks my heart because everybody is special. Everybody has their struggles that come along with their personality types. It just makes you unique as a person.”