October 2, 2022

Last will and testament of Eric Love


This archived article was written by: Eric Love

Before coming to college, I told myself two things. First, I would not get in a relationship; and second, if I could bear to live in Price, Utah, for a few semesters, then it would be over quickly. Sometimes things do not go as planned, as I found myself in a relationship within the first month of school. However, I was right about one thing: after almost four semesters at Utah State University Eastern, time—and I know it is a cliché—has passed me by.
In retrospect of my experiences thus far, there are three things that I would tell my pre-college self.
First, Price is what you make it. If you come to USUE with a negative, pre-conceived notion of the “small” town, you will be miserable; it is extremely easy to find boredom anywhere. Fun can be had in Price, it just needs to be found.
Second, USUE is loaded with opportunities that are waiting to be seized. Nowhere else could you be a resident advisor, take 15-credit hours, be a member of the debate team, have an active role on newspaper and still find the time to work.
Honestly, had I gone to school anywhere else, I would just be doing the bare minimum and nothing more.
Third, never be complacent with your time, and never wish for it to go faster. For whatever reason, I dreaded coming to USUE and I wanted my time spent here to be short.
Now, with only weeks left until graduation, I have finally realized that the two years were the fastest in my life thus far, and it will only get faster. It does not matter what you believe, our lives are finite, non-refundable and prone to drastic, unexpected change; we will all die someday.
Therefore, if I take anything away from my experience at USUE, it is to never wish my time away. Life, like four semesters I spent here, will be over before I open my eyes.

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