July 23, 2024

SWAC awards for men’s basketball team


This archived article was written by: DJ Hill

Four members of the USU Eastern men’s basketball team received honors at the SWAC tournament.
First, the team’s starting point guard, Quinn Peters, was named to the first-team all conference after leading the team.
Coach Adjalma Becheli said, “Quinn was a very critical piece for our success this year. He was our PG who could control the game for us and also could put up big numbers on offense when we need it most. I think he played a high level of basketball the whole year and he well deserved the first team all-conference for sure.
Sophomore Cam Bailey was named to the all-conference second team after a solid performance all season, not missing a game for the Eagles. Vando said, “To be honest, I think that Bailey could be a part of the first-team all-conference. His numbers were great. He was important in our defense where he sacrificed his body and took charges for us. He was a great rebounder and contributed in our offense as well. Besides that, he was a leader, very vocal and always telling our guys what they were supposed to do.”
Roman McKnight and Koel Cutler were named to the honorable mention’s team. Vando said, “Roman has the special ability to block people’s shots. He has a decent three-point shot and can handle the ball for a six-foot nine-inch player.
Koel has the ability to shoot threes. He struggled at first because of back surgery that put him out of shape. But towards the season’s end, he got back in shape and played at the top of his ability. He helped us a lot scoring from the outside of the three-point line. Both well deserved to get honorable mentions.”