October 4, 2023

Women’s soccer suffers back-to back losses


This archived article was written by: Kalli Prendergast

USUE womens soccer team
saw the field against their rivals
Snow College Sept. 29-30 in
Ephraim. Traveling just a few hours
to play the Badgers and with their
previous two-game sweep against
Trinidad State and Ontario College,
the Eagles planned to continue
their win streak.
Prior to this game, the Eagles
knew they needed to play to their
potential to compete with Snow
College. The Badgers had not lost
a game coming into the weekend
with a 5-0-2 record.
During Friday’s game, the
Eagles stepped on the pitch ready
to work hard. “We knew these
games were going to be tough,”
said Kaitlyn Sisler “We needed to
come out with energy to win and
will to play.”
The Eagles maintained majority
of the possession for the first half
and the score remained 0-0. “We
caught Snow on their heels,” said
Amanda Manwill. “They weren’t
expecting much out of us so we
proved to them they had something
to worry about.”
Shortly into the second half,
the Badgers capitalized and scored
the first goal of the match.
The Eagles fought for a tying
goal, but never came. Fifteen minutes
later, The Badgers scored on
a 1v1 to goal.
“Silly, simple mistakes” said
Anna Towne. “It’s time to work
on those and focus on them to get
better.” That sealed the game. The
Badgers defeated The Eagles 2-0.
Back-to-back games, Saturday’s
second matchup wasn’t going
to be any easier that Fridays. “We
needed to improve and learn from
the game before,” said Alyssa
Spillet. “Focus on defending and
put pressure on them.”
Battling all first half led to a
0-0 halftime score. Snow began
to get through to goal and capitalized
twice in the beginning of the
second half. “We couldn’t give up,”
said Taryn Pritchett. “No matter if
we came back or not, we needed to
try as hard as we could to not let
them score the rest of the game.”
The Eagles did so; they didn’t allow
another score go in.
The Eagles are on the road
this weekend; headed to St. Craig,
Colorado. They will be competing
against Colorado Northwestern
Community College. They will
plan to bounce back from the backto-
back losses with a pair of wins.

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