May 21, 2022

Jeff Yan


This archived article was written by: Vivika Corona

Originally from Plano, Texas,
22-year-old Jeff Yan is ready
to hit the basketball courts at
USU Eastern. Letting ball take
him anywhere, Yan transferred
from Brigham Young University
and Utah Valley University
to play here for a year. Where
to next? He hopes to play at an
Ivy league school, preferably
Columbia University, but is
happy to be wherever
the sport takes him.
Majoring in communications,
hopes to be in a position
where he can
help others accomplish
their goals just
as he has been helped
accomplish his own. Aside from
his interest in being a sports
agent, or a college or high school
coach, he would love to help
others achieve their dreams,
and put a lot of thought into his
career. “I think it would be very
Hoping to learn more things
about himself, Yan looks forward
to being at USUE and
making new friends (preferably
girls). Most people say he
is known for being shy and
reserved which he agrees with.
Besides basketball being his top
priority, he hopes to break out
of his shell, get to know others
and have fun.
As for being a Texan, Yan
says he misses his city very
much. Although most people
say Plano is boring, he doesn’t
mind. “I don’t go out that much;
I just go to the gym, so every
day is fun for me.”
Missing the familiarity of
his hometown, he wishes he
could go to restaurants he grew
up around. He also misses his
loved ones and the relationships
he used to have. “My best
friend went to Columbia,
always worked in
internships and always
gone while I went on my
[LDS] mission [Canada].
I didn’t get to see him for
almost four years. I met
him for the first time since
I left high school last summer. I
was happy to see him, but time
and distance put so much uncertainty.
It was almost like we
had to become friends again.”
When not on the courts or in
the gym, Yan enjoys watching
movies, usually comedies, and
does not like “too crazy” movies
such as the “Human Centipede”
or “Saw.” He wants to see “IT;”
so if you have not seen “It,” he
will happily see it with you .
Yan speaks English, French
and Chinese. He is a basketball
player, a gym rat and an overall
funny and charming guy with
whom you will not get bored
with. Find Yan on Instagram
at jeff_curry_with_the_shot.

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