May 18, 2022

Ambassadors recruit students to Eastern


This archived article was written by: Emma Campbell

If you see a group of students who know just about everything there is to know about Utah State University Eastern, wearing lots of Utah State attire and have a smile on their face all the time; they are probably the school’s ambassadors. The ambassadors are a leadership group of 12 students, advised by Krista Hepworth and Mark Dickey.
Q: What is your job as an ambassador?
A: Ambassador Brennon Atterton, “We are heavily involved in recruitment. We get high school students interested in [attending] the Utah State University system and Utah State Eastern.”
A: Ambassador Chelsie Thackeray, “We go to high schools, give presentations, tours of campus and host on campus events. Our job is to get students excited to come to Eastern.”
Q:What do you hope to get out of being an ambassador?
A: Ambassador Abigail Hatch, “Being an ambassador will open many doors for me. A lot of lifelong relationships will come from this.”
A: Ambassador Cheyenne Davies, “I hope to become a better leader and learn how to delegate. I have had a couple of leadership positions and that has never been a strong suit of mine. I usually want to do things by myself but, I am part of a team now.”
Q: What is your favorite memory with Ambassadors?
A: Ambassador Chelsie Thackeray,” The leadership retreat: we are an outgoing group, get a hundred of us together and it is a crazy good time.”
A: Ambassador Ko Saavedra, “We had a birthday party for ambassador Cheyenne. It was a really fun time.”
Q: What do you want the student body to think of the ambassadors?
A: Ambassador Tecia Mose, “We are friends to everyone. When students see us, I want them to think, look there’s a friend I have on campus.”
A: Ambassador Cecilee Karns, “I want the student body to realize we are just like everyone else. I want everyone to get involved in our events. Even though we do not plan events for the student body, we want them to say hi to the high schoolers when we are giving tours.”

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