May 26, 2022

Javier Santos


This archived article was written by: Vivika Corona

In his sophomore year at Utah State University Eastern is Javier Santos. The 18 year old was born in Guerrero, Mexico, and resides in Park City, Utah. Majoring in welding, Santos would not mind building cars, but would be happy being anywhere within the business except desk work.
“Welding is so hands on and I like to move a lot when I work. I hate desk jobs. I prefer to be welding and doing things I like.”
After finishing his degree, he hopes to move to Alaska for more job opportunities or move to Salt Lake City.
Santos’ proudest achievement was passing his welding test. “It’s a test to take the official state test. [By] passing it I knew I was on the right track and knew that it was something I’d like to do.”
While enjoying being inside and welding, he also enjoys skiing, hiking, playing pool and hammocking in his free time. One of his favorite memories at USUE is playing pool. “I get to meet a lot of new people.” A goal he has for the year is to get good grades and pass his classes.
Santos has a black belt in Karate, although says he is not as talented as he used to be. It is actually a hidden talent of his. “I got my black belt when I was 14, but once I got into high school I decided to stop.”
An embarrassing moment for Santos is whenever he falls asleep in front of people. Santos is known for snoring loudly, and isn’t subtle about it. People tend to record him sleeping and make fun of how loud he is.
Some of the best advice he has ever got is “Keep moving forward.” A quote from the movie “Meet the Robinsons” and the cliche “Stay in school and don’t do drugs.”
As for role models, Santos looks up to one of his friend’s dad. “He grew up kind like I did just doing bad stuff, but he would always help and I like helping people.”
Despite being afraid of heights, the one thing Santos would like to do before he dies is skydive. Santos feels as if this would help him with his fear.
When asked about closing remarks he had one thing to say: “FDT.”

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