August 10, 2022

Queer Resource Center & USUE

This archived article was written by: Alex Anderson

I’ve stressed many times students need to use resources on campus because they are paying for them and serving student is a lot of the administration’s first priority. With that said, there is a new resource for students on campus, the Queer Resource Center.
Building communities on campus is important to an interactive time at college, your community can be anything from the friends you hang out with to the people you go to class with. One of the QRC’s goal is help the campus LGBT+ community on campus to become more interactive and grow.
I don’t think it needs to be said that in some places across the country aren’t exactly LGBT+ friendly and the coordinator for the QRC Tomi Lasley what’s to make sure USU Eastern is not included as one of those places.
Lasley said, “As a school in a rural community, USU Eastern has a unique position as a community organization. I believe that representation means everything. The QRC represents a section of our community in carbon county without resources or visibility and provides both.”
The QRC offers awareness and education, on Oct. 17, the QRC threw an event where student were given a place, to ask question and learn more about the QRC and the LGBT+ community as a whole.
It’s events like those that will help campus and students of USU Eastern grow. USU Eastern is already a pretty inclusive but there is always room for improvement. LGBT+ holidays are not celebrated enough on campus and the QRC can help with and actually already have. Like celebration things like “Outober,” which is a holiday in the LGBT+ community that celebrate people being strong enough to tell their family and friends that they are queer.
In three years Lasley wants to see the QRC “…as an important part of students life at USU, continuing to support and help.” The QRC could help you and other students become a stronger member of the LGBT+ community and a stronger ally. Check the center out, they are located in the Jennifer Leavitt Student Center room 214.
It’s 2017 and being ignorant is not an excuse anymore with unlamented accuse to information on the internet. Most people come to college to expand their knowledge in and out of the classroom and the QRC is a great way to expand your knowledge on the LGBT+ community.

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