July 13, 2024

Why everyone should watch Star Wars


This archived article was written by: Alexander Holt

Star Wars is the epic tale of our time, the ultimate story of good vs evil, and ingrained in every bit of our culture. 2017 marks the 40th Anniversary of the first glimpse into this legendary sci-fi universe.
Since its first release in 1977, Star Wars has become a worldwide phenomenon, one that touches on philosophy, history, filmmaking, pop culture, technology, religion and politics.
It is a good time to be a Star Wars’ fan with two new films around the corner: Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi and Han Solo: A Star Wars Story, the Star Wars Rebels television show, well into its fourth season, and a new videogame, Star Wars Battlefront II, to be released later this month, Star Wars fans could not be more thrilled and excited.
With so much “Star Wars” going on, I was surprised how many students throughout campus had never even seen Star Wars. While the inner nerd in me found this depressing, I understand not everybody likes the same things.
I am not here to argue that everyone needs to enjoy Star Wars, but every student needs to watch it once in their life. Watching Star Wars is like a rite of passage, similar to buying your first car, graduating high school or getting married.
Star Wars’ impact is far reaching and has been everywhere from politics to pop culture. It has become normal in our culture. It is plastered everywhere and with so much of our younger generations focus on pop culture, memes and references, missing out on Star Wars can leave you a bit behind.
In his last White House Correspondence Dinner, President Barrack Obama even mentioned the franchise in a joke about journalist having the tools necessary to hold the powerful accountable. President Ronald Reagan used the name “Star Wars” as a way to deter nuclear war during the Cold War.
The world changed after Star Wars, and that change will be felt for centuries, inspiring generations of people from all across the world, which makes me wonder how could anyone avoid watching Star Wars for this long?
If you have the chance, take a break from homework, school and stress, get lost a long time ago in a galaxy far far away and join the ranks of those who have gone through this rite of passage.