December 2, 2023

International student travels to play at USUE


This archived article was written by: Zach Kynaston

One of the newest wings on the Utah State University Eastern soccer’s men team, Jojea Kwizera, likes to go by Joj.
Kwizera is from West Jordan High School, in West Jordan, Utah. He played soccer all four years of high school, in junior high and at a small charter school in Herriman, Utah, called Providence Hall.
During high school, Kwizera would make sure he got to class on time and pass his classes, if he didn’t then he couldn’t play soccer and be with friends. His favorite class in school was English. He always made time for school, family and soccer and those were his priorities as a high school student. Playing soccer is the way he made his friends. Besides just in class.
The reason he started playing soccer is all the Kwizera family would play soccer whenever they had free time in the back yard. That is where he found his love for the sport was playing soccer with friends and family as a child and loved it ever since.
Kwizera came to Price to play for Eastern was because it’s a nice small town with a lot of nice people. It was also a good opportunity to further his soccer career and to keep playing soccer. He likes the environment in Price as well as the students, teachers and his teammates. He says “it feels like home away from home” because of how friendly everyone is.
In soccer, Kwizera’s job as wing is to play both defensive and offensive, to try and help the defense make a stop and then on offense to try score goals. He says he loves it because he feels like he helps on both sides of the field. He works harder to get better and better every day. He doesn’t have a set major yet, but plans to figure one out within his next two years of playing soccer at Eastern. In the next 10 years he wants to be successful and graduate from college with have a successful career. He would like playing pro soccer and have a family eventually.
Kwizera is excited to play soccer at Eastern for the next two years and cannot wait to get to know people and grow closer with his teammates. He has enjoyed the atmosphere here at Eastern.

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