December 9, 2023

Why you should always treat yourself

This archived article was written by: Kevin van der spek

Treat yourself, visit that friend and eat that candy. Being burnt out is a problem every college student faces, and being a student that rewards the short-term goals, helps anyone finish the semester strong.
Google defines being burnt out as, “a state of physical or mental collapse caused by overwork or stress.” As fall semester comes to a close, homework is racking up.
Being burnt out pushes negativity into the workspace. Grades, friendships and opportunities suffer if this epidemic isn’t addressed.
The question becomes how do we get out of bed in the morning, or what can be done to fight being burnt out and carry the flag to the end of the road?
Do things you enjoy, do not forget that relaxing and having fun are just as important as getting that paper written. U.S.A Today explains that having a study break to visit with a friend is good because it releases positive energy. So when you go back to building your bank of books you have a balance of positive feelings that fund your greatest ideas.
“College Fashion” says to reward yourself. As important as understanding your long term goals are, it is hard to make the immediate connection between math homework and becoming a geologist. To add positive reinforcement to your hard work go to dinner, play video games, read books, be with people who make you happy that you are who you are because with that reward you will actualize short term goals that are the rock path to being that nurse you have wanted to be all your life.
We are at USUE to be students, but often times that is clouded by extracurricular activities. Playing sports and being in clubs are fun and a major part in building community but, means nothing if grades do not meet the standards needed for your long-term goals.
Be part of clubs, leadership and sports teams on campus, but identify as a student first. With the goal of education or career building your title needs to be a student who plays sports but not sports person who goes to school.
A key strategy to beating burnout is changing your environment. “College Fashion” gives examples of changing your environment by picking new study locations; something new to look at as you write the hardest paper of the semester. This acts like a refresher to the wonders of campus.
The end of semester is hard because there are four tests and two papers to be written before this weekend, and it is Wednesday. This makes it even more important to remember you work hard so do not forget to play hard. Avoid being burned out and treat yourself.