July 13, 2024

Sophomores honored at last home game


This archived article was written by: Alexis Hill

The women’s soccer team celebrated its last home game Oct. 21, by honoring its sophomores. The Eagles hosted Colorado Northwestern Community College and started sophomores Taryn Pritchett, Samantha Hall, Shyann Jones, Melanie Graves, Kori Jorgensen, Kalli Magby, Angie Mejia, Rachel Neff and Alexis Hill. These women helped the team pull off an impressive win.
During halftime, family and friends of those honored were invited to come to the center of the soccer field and participate in a small ceremony. The sophomores stood with family and friends as the rest of their teammates stood off to the side and showed their support and appreciation.
“The sophomores leaving throws the chemistry of our game off, but with a new soccer season comes new people, experiences and memories. I’m going to miss our sophomores,” Sylvie Call said.
The sophomores were escorted by their families, while coaches welcomed them with hugs as their names were read.
The coaches thanked them for all their hard work and effort throughout the season and each sophomore was given a picture of the team and a portrait with all their teammates’ signatures. Shyann Jones was awarded MVP for the season.
“I’m sad that the soccer season is over, but it was a fun two years. I’m hoping to move forward and just focus on schooling and have soccer more as a hobby rather than a lifestyle,” Magby said.
Coach Cole Davis said that although it’s tough every year to lose sophomores, for multiple reasons, coaches are on the path of trying to find new leaders for the team next year. They look for women that cannot only be the kind of player they are looking for, but the kind of person that can provide leadership.