July 14, 2024

Who’s Who in the NFL

This archived article was written by: Tai Justice

This NFL season is filled with parity and the tiers in the NFL are becoming clearer. I am not going to go through every team, just the teams that still matter.
The fun bad teams: Starting out this tier are the Arizona Cardinals. Arizona lost its best player in Week 1 and has been on an uphill climb ever since. Next, we have the Houston Texans, another team that lost its best player to injury. Before Deshaun Watson went down, they were one of the funnest teams to watch. The last fun bad team is the Chicago Bears who have a good defensive line and a fun young quarterback in Mitch Trubisky.
The average teams: First is the New York Jets. Before the year, the Jets were projected to win around two or three games. They have already won four, but that does not mean they are any good. Next, the Buffalo Bills. They started out well, but have since faltered. Next is the Washington Redskins. They are a team that can beat anyone, but they can also lose to anyone. After them, we have the Oakland Raiders. Their offense can be lethal, but their defense is the reason they are 4-5 and on the outside looking in of the playoffs right now.
The next team is the LA Chargers. It is the same story every season with the Chargers. They are a few plays away from being better, but can never put it all together. The last team in this tier is the Detroit Lions, the perfect team for this tier. They are not great at offense or defense, they are in the middle of the pack at both.
The “do-not-let-them-get-hot” tier: These teams can do damage if they get rolling. Starting off is the Tennessee Titans. While they have not looked that impressive, the Titans quietly got rolling lately. Next is the Baltimore Ravens. They got hot at the end of last year and could have won it all, and they could do it again. The next team is the Green Bay Packers, who lost Aaron Rodgers to a broken collarbone. If they get him back, no one will want to play them. The last team in this tier is the Atlanta Falcons. When they are on they have the best offense in football.
The “right behind the elite” tier: First, is the Dallas Cowboys. They have an improved defense and a potentially great offense. They have been dealing with injuries and a suspension to their best player, Zeke Elliott. If they get all this straightened out they will be dangerous. Next, surprisingly, is the Jacksonville Jaguars. They have one of the best defenses in the past decade and can control the ball on offense with their great running attack. Coming in after them is the Kansas City Chiefs. For the first six weeks, they were the best team in football, but have since lost three in a row. The last team in this tier is the LA Rams. The turnaround the Rams have made is incredible, from one of the worst offenses ever last season to one of the best in the league this season.
The elite: starting this group is the Seattle Seahawks. I live in constant fear of Seattle and what they can do come playoff time. Next is the New Orleans Saints. They lost their first two, but have since won seven straight by huge margins. After them is the Minnesota Vikings. They have a great defense and an improving offense.
The favorites: Starting this one is the New England Patriots. You can never count this team out. With offense and improving defense, and they have done it before. Next is the Pittsburgh Steelers. This team is the most complete and balanced team in the AFC-tons of playmakers on both sides of the ball. The last and best team in the NFL so far this year is the Philadelphia Eagles. Their defense is outstanding and Carson Wentz might be the MVP of the league.