September 27, 2023

Evolution of leaders over 80 years


Holding top administrative positions at UVSC, Brigham Young University and Ricks, Ryan L. Thomas was selected as CEU’s eighth president in 2001. He has a Ph.D. in higher education administration and a Jurist Doctorate. Thomas was born in Sunnyside and grew up in Castle Gate.
When Thomas arrived on the Price campus, CEU had grown to 3,000 students with five off-campus sites in Blanding, Castle Dale, Green River, Moab and Monument Valley.
During his seven years at the helm, he lists the restoration of solid funding as his most important achievement. When he took over, there was a $1.9 million budget deficit and when he left, there was a $200,000 surplus. This process involved budget cuts and eliminating positions to regain structure.
He helped CEU see the completion of the G.J. Reeves classroom and administration building, and the merger with Southeast Applied Technology. He helped the school overcome accreditation weaknesses in planning and assessment as well as improving communications with CEU’s San Juan campus and the establishment of a focus on student needs.
He stepped down in March 2008 and Michael King spent the next two years as interim president.

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