December 2, 2023

Evolution of leaders over 80 years


Claude J. Burtenshaw was named director of Carbon College and served under the University of Utah’s President A. Ray Olpin who sat the helm at the U of U for 18 years.
As a branch of the U, it helped set a pace to guide Carbon College in its future years. The college’s new objectives were: academic excellence, better community relationships, a wider college community including all Eastern Utah, and a mature, collegiate spirit.
Burtenshaw discussed the challenging problem existing because of a smaller student body and faculty than was available in previous years.
“The new community appeared to like its new college and expressed delight by a keener interest in the college and its programs. The community offered new scholarships, created a loan fund, aided students in obtaining employment and took part in the many college presentations to the community,” he wrote. The Geary Theatre was one of the bench-mark buildings constructed during his tenure.
After three years, Burtenshaw left the college. He wrote, “I remember the student who experienced the complete life at Carbon College: to share in all the cultural and expressive creations of the community, to expand his interests beyond his narrow inclinations and care about the affairs and outcomes of all men.
Burtenshaw Residence Hall is named after its Burtenshaw who served from 1959-62.

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