December 8, 2022

Governor Lee Purposes To Close College


At the recent special session of the Utah State Legislature, Gov. J. Bracken Lee proposed to close Carbon College along with Snow, Dixie and Weber college.
One of the best ways to support Carbon College is by having an aroused public write to their representatives at the Utah state capitol building in Salt Lake City.
Carbon College serves the entire southern Utah area with its art, dramatic, music, and vocational departments. Should these departments be closed, adults enrolled in the night school, would be denied the right to further their education. Many of these adults haven’t the time or money to attend the four-year colleges upstate.
Dr. Aaron E. Jones, president of Carbon College, feels confident that the Legislature will not go along with the governor’s proposal. According to Dr. Jones, the Legislative Council has been assigned the task of studying higher education in Utah. This council will not meet again until 1955. At that time, this problem would be studied, but the study is not being made.
A good example of the support the community is giving to Carbon College is a certain man living in Clear Creek, who has been attending the night school for three years without being absent once.
At the next general session of the legislature it is expected that senators from the areas of the condemned schools will rally to save their institutions.

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