July 25, 2024

V.A. Announces Changes for all Veterans at College


Veterans Administration announced recently several changes in polices which will affect many veterans of World War II attending Carbon college under the G.I. Bill.
Veterans who have interrupted their training and failed to make arrangements to repay subsistence allowance overpayments may be unable to re-enter schools or job training establishments this fall.
V.A. has notified these veterans that if they failed to arrange refunds within 60 days, they may not re-enroll for training. They can, however reenter training if their period of eligibility has not been exhausted, by making arrangements for refunds. These arrangements can be made with their nearest V.A. regional office or the regional office having jurisdiction over the school in which they had been in training.
Failure of institutions and veterans to report interruptions in training and ceilings placed on subsistence allowed are two of the reasons why some veterans who have entered training have received overpayments.
V.A. is required by law to collect these overpayments. It is the V.A.’s policy not to force any undue hardship on a veteran in the collection of these funds.
Periodic reports of earnings are no longer required from veterans studying full time in colleges and universities under the G.I Bill. These veterans will estimate their earning from productive labor for the full period of their enrollment when they register. The amount of their subsistence allowances will be based on these estimates.