December 2, 2023

Meet Eagles’ center Abby Butler


This archived article was written by: Autumn Kay

Abby Butler, a center on the USU Eastern women’s basketball team, began her basketball career at eight. During her freshman year of high school in Grantsville, Utah, she realized that basketball had become part of her identity.
Along with basketball, Butler played softball as a freshman in high school.
When her sophomore year came around, Butler began to toy with the idea of playing basketball at the collegiate level. She worked hard and succeeded in her goal.
The biggest change Butler has been through is moving away from her family to attend college. She explained that it changed her whole lifestyle. She had to learn how to live on her own.
“The biggest lesson basketball has taught me,” Butler says, “is to always work hard through the ups and the downs.”
The most money Butler has made in a single day was $500 by pulling weeds outside for a lady. She then worked at her regular job later that same day, an example of Butler’s work ethic. She said she became a hard worker through the experiences she has been through.
Listening to music and hanging out with friends are some of her favorite activities to do during the day. Her friends say that she has a big heart. If Butler could have any talent in the world, she wishes that she could sing.
Butler has had her share of rebellion in her young teenager years. As a freshman, she tried to climb on the middle school roof with her senior friends. They got spotted and had to run before they were caught.
The longest day of Butler’s life was when she spent an entire day at Lagoon in the hot sun. She remembers waiting in lines for hours and being completely exhausted.
She sees herself being married with a family in ten years. Butler values people and the relationships she makes with others and is inclusive of other people. Personality.

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