March 26, 2023

For Vila, dreams really do come true


This archived article was written by: Harlee Willoughby

Blanca Casamort Vila grew up in Sant Pere Pescador, Spain, where she learned to love basketball at age five. She said her parents got her in to the sport, and even though they didn’t know anything about it, they wanted her to play it.
If you don’t know Vila, she is bubbly and happy whenever you see her. From what some might confuse as shy, she describes herself as quiet. One quality those around her might say is she doesn’t make any trouble. “I’m quiet, do my own thing and don’t bother anyone.” If she’s ever done anything wild in public, Vila exclaimed, she doesn’t do wild things, period.
Vila’s favorite subject is political science and history, which is what she is planning on majoring in. Many of her favorite things stem from her love of history and government. Her favorite book, “Dime Quien Soy” by Julia Navarro, which translates to “Tell Me Who I Am,” is about history in World War II. She loves this particular book because of a woman breaking barriers and doing things they couldn’t do back then.
One thing she is most proud of is coming to the United States. She remembers when she was 12, telling her grandma that she wanted to come to the U.S. to study. “I made it a reality, it’s a dream come true!” Her mom is proud of her and is amazed people are able to play basketball and get their studies completed.
Traveling anywhere and everywhere is what Vila would be doing if money were no object. Italy is her favorite place so far because of its culture. Naturally, her favorite food is Italian food.
If Vila could have any superpower, she would want to be invisible so she could be alone when she wanted. She also wishes she could tele transport so she could go home on the weekends and travel easier.
Coming to the U.S. was one of the biggest risks she has ever taken. “USUE helped me understand the culture better.” She enjoys being here and having the opportunity to play basketball.
Something many people don’t know about Vila is she used to be in the theater club at school where she performed in many plays.
As many of us have dream vacations, Vila wants to go on a cruise in the Greek Islands. “There’s a lot of history over there and I think it would be fun.” After explaining this fun trip, she said she would even be happy with going on a beach for a while.
During her pass time, she loves to read and watch TV series. Her favorite series are “El Ministerio del Tiempo” and “Greys Anatomy.”
“Don’t stop believing!” is what Vila lives by day ever day. If she could write a letter to her younger self, she would say, “Keep doing what you’re doing. Be more open and not so quiet. Don’t let anyone take away what you like to do. No matter what people say, keep going. Enjoy your life.”

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