August 13, 2022

Experiences as a international student


This archived article was written by: Kelshall Alexander JR.

Generally, when people hear the phrase “international student,” they automatically think about students coming from large countries as, United Kingdom, Argentina, France, Brazil and even some Afri- can countries. When I first came to Utah, it was pretty much the same misconception. As people heard me speak, they automatically assumed I was from an African country, or when I said where I’m from, they would ask if it is Africa.
Although my accent is different, Trinidad and Tobago is an English-speaking country. If the Logan campus did it’s research, they would have known that as well. Instead, they made me waste 10 hours of my life to drive to the Logan campus to take a high school English exam. They didn’t believe me, even after I sent them information about my country’s history, which showed that we were colonized by the British Empire. Yes, you heard correct, I had to go to the Logan campus to do an exam about my first language.
land has its bene ts and drawbacks. Some of those benefits would include warm weather year-round, beautiful beaches to choose from and exquisite cuisine, just to name a few. All of which I miss so much right now. Although it is indeed a beautiful place to be, it also has its drawbacks that makes me appreciate being in Price. For example the crime rate is spiraling out of control and we have far less opportunities available to us. Hence the reason for me and several of my friends from home using our ability to play soccer to come abroad and study.
Although my country, Trinidad and Tobago, is known as one of the top three richest Caribbean countries, it was still unknown to many Americans, especially those in Utah. To be honest, I didn’t know much about Utah before I contacted the soccer coach, but afterward I made it my responsibility to do my research. That was not the case with The Utah State University
When it has students from other countries whose rst language isn’t English being admitted and cannot write a paragraph.
While I am thankful for the opportunity that was given to me, I would also like to see not only this university, but all that accept international students to have knowledge about different countries and their histories. This would keep international students, no matter where they’re from, to not go through what I went through.

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