August 15, 2022

Get out of the U.S., at least for a bit

Surely one might think that this is a rude, or even inappropriate title. Earlier this month, I was wondering to myself what my accomplishments were since I came to the United States. Each achievement I conquered surrounded my head with a numb mental exercise that made me realize several things. Yet, only one is still vivid on my mind, like a child who can’t stop moving around, wondering when it will be sunny outside so he or she can go out and play again.
Once I arrived in America, I was hungry for new things. Unable to stop thinking about all the new experiences I would live, all the new people I would meet, all the new things I would learn, I caught myself in one of the best feelings I ever felt in my life: the excitement for the unknown. One may think that having a comfortable life is everything a person can look for on this Earth, pursuing the things everyone wants. Needless to say, this writer disagrees with this concept of life.
The taste of a new experience is priceless, and getting yourself out of that comfort zone is the best way to achieve such feelings. Have someone that
travels a lot talk to you and he or she will say that was worth it. Earth is a big place, full of different people and cultures and there is always something out there that will take you to a new set of feelings, emotions and learning experiences. Let yourself enjoy this part of life. It will not be always easy, but that’s the fun of it.
Put yourself inside hard and uncomfortable situations and experiences. Surely those are the ones that will make you grow the most. In the end, one can only truly know one’s goal/mission in life after several tests, experiences, falls, victories, losses and sacri ces.
“Do or do not, there is not try.”
Even though this article may look much more poetic than informative, don’t let yourself miss the point of it. Most people are afraid of death, only to get to the end of life to realize that they never truly lived.
Youth is a state of mind. Leave the mainland and come back if you wish, but go and see what else this world is made of. Odds are that you will be impressed with how many places you had no idea existed. Value what you have now, that’s for sure, but realize that life is made of experiences, not things. Enjoy the moments you live because none of them will come back ever, since each one has its uniqueness.
Hopefully, at the end of your life you will have many stories and experiences to share.
One day you will look behind and realize how young you were a few years ago. Pity yourself is the worst thing you can do. Even though you might be afraid of getting out of your home, realize that if you don’t give yourself a chance, you will never know what the future could have been.
Teach yourself another language like I did and go learn about other cultures as soon as possible. Overall, there will be no regrets. Suddenly you realize that the worst regrets to have are not the ones from the things you did, but the things you didn’t do.
Endless possibilities. Endless possible futures, one more exciting than the other.
You might think technology provided to you nowadays is enough to understand other cultures and know other places as well, without leaving your home. One may even say that the U.S has everything that one needs to have a full and happy life.
Upon such statement, I can just say that you one may be right about happiness, but not about full life. A full life is only com- plete when you experience things you never expected; once again: the excitement of the unknown.
Gather everything you own and go today, or plan a trip for next year and save money to go, it does not matter. As long as you do it. In the end, each one of us is different and enjoy things in a different manner, unique to each. Nevertheless, there is something that we all share and that is the pursuit of happiness.

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