August 11, 2022

Carlson back in Eagles’ uniform


This archived article was written by: Jarrett Hunt

Sophomore Pitcher Dakota Carlson returns to USUE baseball team to finish what he started. Carlson played for the Golden Eagles back in 2015, and now after a two year LDS mission, he is ready to get back out on the field. Hailing from Orem Utah, the southpaw has noticed many changes to Eastern since he has left. “So many things have changed it almost feels like a whole new school.” The biggest change that Carlson has noticed is the focus on student-athletes. “ The school promotes sporting events better, the trainers are new and they help the athletes from preventing, and taking care of injuries. Student-athletes now have to do study hall which makes them more accountable for their grades. We have trainers in the weight room who oversee and help us with our workouts. We now have a softball team, and all sports have a sponsorship with under armor which hooks it up with really nice gear.” Other changes since Carlson’s freshman year include, the color change from navy and gold to navy and baby blue, the new CIB ( Central Instructional Building), the remodel done to the Geary Theatre, and a cafeteria with better quality food and more options. “ That might be my favorite change, bringing in a whole new variety of food, it has made the biggest improvement since my first year.” Carlson has also seen improvements on the baseball field, and is excited for the upcoming season. “ The team looks really strong this year and I can tell we have a legitimate shot at the conference title. My freshman year did not have as much of a winning atmosphere as now and I am glad I came back to play when I did.” When athletes take two years off of their sport it is always dif cult to come back at their desired level. “ When I got back here in the fall I was very excited to get going, after the first couple of weeks I realized that this return is not going to be easy. I had to spend extra time at the field working my arm to get it back in shape. Now it feels really good and I not only feel like I’m back to where I was, but I feel like I have surpassed my previous level.“ The Eagles return to action this weekend in Las Vegas, to play in a tournament against Canada teams. Carlson and the Eagles our con dent in their ability to win all these games.

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