July 14, 2024

What is there to do in Price?

This archived article was written by: Kaina Elias

As a student at Utah State University Eastern for nearly two years, I have been asked a few times what things residents of Price do in their free time, or as hobbies. More than once, I found myself without a precise answer since I myself haven’t found what the region has to offer at its best until a few months ago. And the answer is super simple: the region itself.
The natural landscape that surrounds Price has amazing views and places to visit. Spend the day hiking, and anything related to outdoor activities, even camping. I had the opportunity to do all of these, and found myself looking for more a few weeks ago. The hot springs and waterfalls are less than two, and in some cases one hour away. As an international student, I came to America basically starting my life over again. So even though vehicles here are a lot more affordable than my home country I do not own one. However, the amount of people that are craving to have something outdoor to do is big enough that one most certainly will find the right group of people to share moments and experiences together in a trip, where one of them will have a vehicle for the day.
Besides all the outdoor activities that the region offers, one can still get involved within the community when looking for something to do. Even though USU Eastern has a small campus, the amount of events is plenty enough for one looking for stuff to do every once in awhile. Depending on how much one wants to go out and become involved, our campus has more than enough going on. Maybe it is just the case of looking for the whatever is happening currently on campus. From dance events, sports events, plays, food parties, etc, there is always something offered to students. Good news is these events are all within USUE such as ESA, Housing Department, SUN Center, etc.
On top of that, one can still look outside campus and in the community, for events to attend or places to go. The quantity or variety may not be as large as a big city, but they are still out there.
After a few months spending time in Price one finds out that the matter is knowing how to look for things to do and be willing to try new stuff if necessary. I found myself in a good spot to have amazing experiencing and moments in my college year. I believe that is up to the students to make their college experience memorable and worthwhile. The school is here to give a little help but in the end the students are the ones that build their own life and make their own choices.