August 13, 2022

USU Eastern’s new academic advisor


This archived article was written by: Dean Thacker

When staff members of Utah State University Eastern have experiences of being both faculty/staff and students, they bring a unique view to their profession. They have the ability to see it from both sides. Shylie Richardsen Dickey is bringing this view to her position an academic advisor.
Dickey started her tenure on July 26, 2017. Even though she has only been working at USU Eastern eight months, she has been involved with the university as a bachelor’s degree student.
Dickey started at the University of Utah and worked on her generals while trying to figure out what she wanted to be. After being at the U, she decided to serve an LDS Mission and served in St. Louis, Missouri. Before leaving for her mission, she was accepted in USU’s elementary education program However, when Dickey returned home, she realized that she did not want to pursue that route.
Dickey came to Eastern, where she finished her associate of general science and then entered her bachelor’s degree in family consumer and human development where she graduated in May 2016.
During Dickey’s time at Eastern, she wanted a degree that offered a wide range of options. In the end she wanted to be an academic advisor.
Dickey applied for the academic advisor position at Eastern. However, and figured she would not get the position because she had just graduated. She initially applied because she wanted the interviewing experience and later offered the position.
As an academic advisor, she enjoys working in the Onestop Student Shop. “I like working in this environment, especially as a new employee, because I work closely with all of the different offices. It is nice because I don’t have to send an email, I can just go and talk to them.”
As an employee, she says that she has more pride in the school. “I feel more attached to the school… and [I’m excited] to see students getting involved and I like to cheer them on.”
Dickey grew up in Price and loves it here. She thinks students who did not grow up in Price do not realize there is a lot to do in this community, you just need to be creative and find your own fun.
Advice she gives to students is even if you do not think that you need to talk to your academic advisor, talk to them. She says they are here to help and can help you with career planning, finding tutors and much more.
1Academic advisors are here to help. “You should meet with your academic advisors at least twice a semester,” she says.
As an academic advisor, Dickey’s favorite part is when she sees a student taking her advice and become successful. She enjoys helping students because after all, that is why she got into advising.
If the new academic advisor could tell all of her students she would tell them, “You picked an awesome school by picking USU Eastern, but it is up to you if you want to be successful and make the most of this experience.”

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