February 5, 2023

Hunt shines for Eagles baseball


This archived article was written by: Jarod Lessar

Jarrett Hunt

Jarrett Hunt, or to some, especially his teammates, better known as “J-Honey” is a sophomore baseball player for the Eagles who is looking to finish the end of his year as well as he’s started. Before getting into his stats and playing abilities, the USUE standout was born and raised in Logan, Utah. He graduated in 2016 from Mountain Crest High, where he played basketball and baseball for the Mustangs. During his senior year of baseball, he got a scholarship offer to continue to be a pitcher and first baseman for the Utah State University Eastern Eagles.
“ As soon as I got the offer, I knew I was moving to Price,” Hunt said. One of the main reasons he chose USUE was because he would still get the opportunity to play first and hit, instead of being just a pitcher only which is what some other colleges offered him out of high school.
Hunt has been one of the major keys to the Eagles success this year and is a reason for one of the best seasons the program has had. He is leading the conference in on base percentage at .480, and seventh in the conference for batting average hitting .354 in one of the toughest conferences in all of junior college baseball. He not only hits the ball and produces runs for the Eagles, but also solid defensively at both first base and pitching. He has few errors at first base, which is impressive because he is almost involved on every play, plus is one of the top pitchers for Eastern’s staff which is top one or two in the conference.
Hunt has had a lot of great memories over the years between little league, high school, American Legion and college ball. He has a couple of favorite memories that stand out the most. “My best memory in college so far would be when I hit a walk off homerun and double last year in the series at home against College of Southern Idaho last year,” explained Hunt. He said his favorite all time memory was his first round of state his senior year, he threw a complete game and hit in the winning run on the day of his grandpa’s funeral.
He gets his inspiration in baseball from Brandon Marrow who is a pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers who shares a few things in common. Not only are they both pitchers, but both play baseball with type-two diabetes. He was diagnosed the summer of his sophomore year when he was with some friends at a fast food restaurant.
“ I was super thirsty and felt sick. I went in the bathroom and passed out,” Hunt said. I called my parents and went to the hospital and found out my blood sugar was 8 times higher than a normal persons. Even having this terrible disease he doesn’t let it get the best of him and continues to be a stand out college baseball player.
Hunt is looking to continue his baseball career and education and has been in touch with a few different programs over this year. If he keeps playing the way he is, he should have no problem.

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