September 25, 2022

Meet USUE’s summer project manager

Baylea Jones

Baylea Jones’ goal is to be a “trophy wife.” However, she says rather than her goal changing over time, it has been “postponed”. 

Jones, 21, started at the  USUE Dining Services over the summer as project manager. 

Before joining the USUE team, she earned an associate of applied science degree in project management from LDS Business College. She grew up in Topeka, Kansas and came to Utah to attend college.

 Her dream job, she says proudly, is this job at USU Eastern. As project manager for Eastern’s summer camps, she will be the main point of contact for all the programs that use USUE as a temporary home. These camps, according to Eastern’s Auxiliary Director Jeff Spears, made over $150,000 last summer. 

Giving credit to her earthy and heavenly family, she plans to take the lessons learned  each day to help as many people as possible before dying. 

Because Jones loves to be pampered, her spirit animal is a fat house cat. She explains, her perfect day is a lazy day eating food with her best friend and cat, which is easy because they are one and the same. 

Having been from Kansas and moving to Utah for school, Jones’ best advice to a younger version of herself would be not to worry so much. 

Jones’ simple interests include, but not limited to painting and touching the noses of horses. 

It is clear Jones loves working with people and hopes the work she puts in will make a positive difference on campus. She works hard to do her part to make the USU Eastern community’s experience the best possible. Always on the go, her desk is in the cafeteria, but rarely has time to sit at it. 

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