July 22, 2024

Take her on a damn date


Women are something to nurture not something to conquer. – Kanye West

 In the culture we live in, women are often referred to as “bitches and hoes.” The media especially, creates this absurd image of women as they are something to be bought or won. Almost every recent song I listen to has had at least one line that demeans women in some way or another.


 Now, I’m not a feminist, but the way I see guys treating women just grinds my gears. Whatever happened to holding the door open for a woman, or taking her out to dinner. Men, don’t just say “hey let’s hangout tonight,” take your girl on a damn date. We live in a world where it seems that everything has to be big picture, but it’s the little things that men are just missing out on. 

Alright guys seriously, it took me a long time to learn this one. Hold the door open for your girl, every girl I have talked to about this says it’s the nicest thing and they love it. I mean, it makes sense, opening the door, then barging in like you have somewhere to go, just sounds ridiculous. Plus, the doorknob is already in your hand it’s a little tedious to make her grab it too. It’s something you have to work on if you don’t already do it, but it’s just good taste. 

Take her out on a date, it doesn’t even have to be anything fancy; a simple McDonald’s ice cream cone followed with good conversation would suffice. When you ask her out don’t beat around the bush with any of this “hey want to hang out,” rubbish. Honestly, tell her up front that it’s a date. The fact that you called it a date makes it that much more special, especially since all these “snowflakes” are so caught up in Netflix and chilling. 

Trust me, if you like her, your first date is going to be scary. I always say, “what do you have to lose either it goes good and you get a second date, or it goes bad and your right back to where you started.” Build up your confidence by listening to some Kiss or Hank Williams Jr. before picking her up, and yes you have to pick her up, then greet her with a smile and a “how’s your day going?” Don’t forget to be yourself, women see right through the façade and it isn’t attractive to be someone that you’re not. 

I’ve never met a woman whose entire attraction for you is based on looks. Engage in interesting conversation with her and try to never let there be silence. Even if you have to tell an embarrassing story about how you hit someone with your car door, it’s better than sitting there awkwardly. Be sure to ask her about her interests and life, I mean we all like to talk about ourselves. 

Open the door for her, make her laugh, buy her dinner and be yourself around her. Then if it works out, make sure you love her with all your heart, care about her for all of eternity and give her the world; because we are powerful alone, but together we are limitless.