July 14, 2024

A glimpse at USUE Ambassadors

Kaina Elias staff writer   According to Utah State University Eastern’s website, “ambassadors serve the…

Kaina Elias
staff writer
According to Utah State University Eastern’s website, “ambassadors serve the university and the community. They participate in a variety of campus service activities and host an annual auction to raise funds for an individual or family in need. They also serve by cleaning an adopted highway and raising goods for food banks and other community organizations.”
Fatima Acosta and Abby Robertson both serve as student ambassadors for USU Eastern and were asked a few questions regarding the leadership position. They have been working as ambassadors for USUE since the beginning of Fall 2018.
Each ambassador gets a specific high school to be responsible for when it comes to recruiting, but since it’s their first year they were assigned the same one. Acosta and Robertson recruit from their alumni school, Carbon High.
When asked what it means to be an ambassador, Acosta said their main goal is service and leadership on campus. The ambassadors organize events on and off campus to promote Utah State University and bring students to our campus.
The ambassadors from Eastern promote both USU Logan and USUE when traveling around the state. According to Robertson, they are trained on both because after two years, ambassadors in Price usually transfer to Logan and work in the same position for the main campus. However, while at Eastern, they do focus on USUE.
When asked about how they found out about the opportunity to serve as an Ambassador for USUE, Acosta replied, “I had a high school teacher that was an ambassador for USUE and every time she would talk about it she would show a great passion about the position and the college itself. So, I liked it and decided to try it.” Robertson, had a different experience, found out about the position on a leadership camp in Logan. “When I was in ninth grade, I went to the main campus for a camp and found out about the ambassadors and have had this goal since then.”
Robertson and Acosta have the same to say when it comes to what they love the most about being an ambassador. They both love Utah State University and doing service for the school. They enjoy the experiences and all the successful tours they have given. Both Acosta and Robertson say that “changing people’s lives is one of the greatest rewards we can have.”
Being an ambassador is a passion for a lot of students on campus, 12 students are currently ambassadors for Eastern. The ambassadors have a crucial role in recruiting students for Price campus, which makes them stand out amongst other leadership positions at Eastern.