July 6, 2022

Come lounge at the Nexus

Spencer Hunt staff writer The Nexus is a recent addition to the Jennifer Levit Student…

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Spencer Hunt
staff writer
The Nexus is a recent addition to the Jennifer Levit Student Center, but no one seems to realize it’s there, or what its uses are. This is a shame, because it’s a great place that I couldn’t recommend going to more. It’s a great place to go to and just chill, de-stress or kill time at. If you need somewhere to hang out with your friends, well, there’s always the Nexus.
Open from 10 AM to 8 PM, the Nexus can be used at nearly any time of the day. Just walk in, sign for what you want to use, and there you have it. All you need is your A-number. The Nexus has a number of items for use. There are two pool tables, complete with pool cues and full sets of balls necessary to play any game you can think of. There’s a foosball table in great shape and multiple balls if you want to play with more than one at once.
Alternatively, you could play air hockey and challenge your friends to a game of quick reactions and reflexes. If you wish to challenge their reflexes in another matter, there’s always ping pong/table tennis, whichever you wish to call it. And of course, this isn’t all the Nexus has either.
The Nexus is chock-full of video games to play with your friends, or by yourself. It has a total of two Xbox Ones, a PS4 and two Wii Us, complete with all the controllers you could need. Race your friends in a game of Mario Kart on the Wii U, or make superheroes clash in Injustice 2. There’s plenty to occupy your time. If you’re a fan of Fortnite, the PS4 and both Xbox Ones have it installed to play online, so you can make a quick go at a “Victory Royale” while burning time before your next class.
The room is designed for comfort, with nice leather and cloth couches by the game consoles. The couches are nice and large, so you can stretch out as much as you want. If you don’t want to use any of the amenities in the Nexus, you can still relax on the couches instead. Or, you can use one of the large bean bags or one of the smaller chairs. It’s a place of relaxation and stress relief, something any college student needs in their busy lives.
So, if you haven’t yet, stop by the Nexus. It’s located on the second floor of the Student Center, where One Stop Services used to be located. De-stress, challenge your friends at video games, or just relax, it’s good for any form of relaxation.
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