December 8, 2022

USUE should host major fairs

Susie Pau Yu staff writer The college life can be exciting and full of joy….

Susie Pau Yu
staff writer
The college life can be exciting and full of joy. Most students go to college with excitement, especially during freshman year, but students usually struggle when it’s time to pick majors. I personally believe that choosing the right major at the beginning of college is always better than wandering around. We all go to college at least two years for an associate degree. There are several associate degrees for fields that actually pay well and those programs are available on our campus, but most people don’t know about these degrees.
Knowing more is always better than knowing less. I feel like Utah State University Eastern should host more major fairs for freshmen. The major fairs could at least give the basic information about the majors that are available on the campus. The students could look into several programs and they might actually find the program that they enjoy. Changing your major in the middle of junior or senior year isn’t fun. It financially could be burdensome.
I strongly believe that hosting major fairs more often would help the current undecided major students and also the newcomers to Eastern.
It will contribute to a better graduation rate for the school and create a better future for graduates as well. People of- ten do well at something they love and choosing a major that we love will definitely help to succeed in our future.
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