September 25, 2023

The next voice of the USUE student Body

Kenlee East, staff writer

 Born in a small city in the Bay Area of Tracy, California, Bryce Gingery comes from a small family. He has an older sister and a younger brother. Gingery comes from a family of police officers in Oakland, California. Gingery came to USU Eastern because of the criminal justice program. He has a passion for helping people and making sure everyone has a voice. “There is something attractive about the work police officers do. They are able to help people and make sure that everyone is safe,” he said.

Gingery came into the opportunity to run for student body president when Eastern Utah Student Association member Josh Morris was getting signatures for the campus constitution change. He had decided that he wanted to be leader a on campus and soon ran for student body president and won.

His main focus, this year, is on the non traditional students, students that live off campus, or returning adults as students, as well as focusing on traditional students. “We are in a place where trade jobs are getting more and more popular, like diesel mechanic, welding and cosmetology You are in and out with a certificate so you can begin in the workforce.

“Our non-traditional students typically go into that field. What USUE did was we lowered rates for our CTE classes and accelerated them so they are faster as well as cheaper for students so it’s more desirable to take these trade classes. We want to get more students into the CTE programs.”

The goals he made this year are as follows: “Honestly, I came into it just to be a part of leadership, which is the reason I ran for student body president. This is a legitimate job that needs to be taken seriously. My main goal is to change the campus in a positive way, I want to focus more on the Queer Resource Center, because that doesn’t get enough attention and on non-traditional students, like I said before.” 

“I also want to take a look at the Athletics program to make sure that the athletes who come feel at home. I do realize that a lot of athletes come from out of the country and states. I want to find activities or events that these athletes can attend and would like. Some events happen during their practice. I want to create events that they can attend and would want to attend.” 

Gingery is most looking forward to meeting new people,  new opportunities and experiencing new things. “I have never been in a position like this, let alone being the leader of it. I want  people to attend events and feel welcome. I want this campus to feel like home”.

He wants students at USUE to know he is approachable and willing to hear them out. He wants to get to know each student and hear their individual stories. “I may not look super happy all the time, and my face is super focused, but the thing about me is I love people. I love hearing people’s stories and getting to know them individually. Let me know if you need help, let’s figure it out and better your experience.” 

Some advice he gives to students is to “let loose” once in a while. “Don’t get me wrong, we are here to get an education, but taking 18 credits takes a toll on your mental health. Sometimes you just need to enjoy yourself. Have a good time with your friends. Meet new people, hang out, don’t kill yourself trying to study 24/7. Relax and make time for yourself. Let me know if you need help, let’s figure it out and better your experience.” 

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