June 27, 2022

End of an era for some athletes


There is one thing that kills us most in life and that is the beginning and end of something. For many Utah State University Eastern athletes, this is the end of their athletic careers. It started and ended in a blink of an eye and most cannot believe it is almost over. 

Each Eagle will miss the obstacles they overcame throughout their  two years. Each will miss the games, practices, scrimmages, performances and events. 

It is hard to say this athletic life of collegiate ball, or play, is done and over.

To think they will never step into a game or performance again, unless it is in intramural leagues or transfers to another school is unfathomable. They will never have the drive of sprinting towards a goal or getting back on defense to help teammates out when the opponent is coming in hot. They will never feel the lights of the competition floor burning their skin with intensity. The motivational side of things will change.

The Eagle athletes we once saw on the court will look at life differently. They have free time since they used their time to play a sport their entire lives. It is now they realize that this was the goal all along; play at a collegiate level and it is over. 

The end is here for many Eagles, a few will move on as they reflect upon how far they came since starting their sport. Looking back, athletes remember being the rookie, then the veteran and now onto adulthood, starting their lives in the real world. Finding a job and eventually teaching their children how to play a sport  is their new game plan.

Each learned to balance life, school, athletics, injuries and other challenges because of college play. It is hard to know these moments will last forever. Many cannot believe the last few weeks of school that are crammed full of events, studying, tests and banquets will be the last memories of their college experience. It will be hard for each athlete to let go. To understand the time on the field, court, floor and pitch are over in what feels like seconds. It will be one of the hardest moments of their lives. Eastern became their family. 

Teammates pushed one another to achieve greatness, work harder, study more, be there for you when everything goes bump in the night and much more. Each Eastern athletic family is there for one another through thick and thin. 

The memories of playing, beating rivals, becoming national champions, late night drives, Walmart runs and pushing one another to be the best will hold presence in memories. It is hard to say this life is almost over, but know that athletes will forever be one and will always be family. 

Just know that this is not the end, this 

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