April 18, 2024

Point: Thanksgiving should be celebrated before Christmas decorations go up

Daryn Mason

When people celebrate Christmas early in November and around Thanksgiving, I don’t like it, because it takes the fun out of celebrating Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is meant to be celebrated at this time of the year, not Christmas. Lots of people like to start talking about Christmas before Thanksgiving and they actually start decorating and celebrating it too. However, they shouldn’t celebrate Christmas early because it takes the fun out of celebrating the other holidays like Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

I always enjoy having all of my family over at my house for Thanksgiving. We play games, stuff ourselves with turkey and go to the wave pool. It’s a good time. I always grew up with the month of November being used to celebrate Thanksgiving and after, we celebrated Christmas. 

Each year, more and more people celebrate Christmas and the stores put out Christmas products earlier and earlier. 

If my family feel like going shopping after Thanksgiving, we go on Black Friday shopping. That part of Thanksgiving is a lot of fun and bringing Christmas into it doesn’t really make it a lot of fun.

I understand that some people like to celebrate Christmas early and not worry about Thanksgiving or Black Friday because they don’t like  Black Friday. That’s perfectly fine, but they should celebrate Thanksgiving and Black Friday like the rest of us, because they are meant to be celebrated now and they are lots of fun too. Christmas can wait until after Thanksgiving, it’s not going to kill anybody to wait.

Stores also start selling Christmas products too early, sometimes as early as July, which is too early. It rushes the other holidays too much and makes it not as fun. Around this time of year, I see Christmas trees and lights in Walmart and other local stores and I’m just not ready to see those products and other people must feel the same way.

PoiWhen we start celebrating Christmas after Thanksgiving, it’s so close to Christmas, that it’s fun. I really enjoy celebrating Christmas after Thanksgiving and know that lots of people feel this way too. You can wait to celebrate Christmas on Dec. 1, it won’t kill you. Enjoy all the traditions of Thanksgiving before the Christmas season and you will enjoy both holidays better.