December 7, 2023

November marks Native American Heritage month from 1492 – present

Antonio Nez staff writer

Heritage is important to people of many different cultures and backgrounds. November is a month of large importance for Native American Heritage. From 1492 to the present, indigeous tribes have occupied and reside on the North and South American soil.

       From Spanish to French to English colonization, the influence of foreign powers and cultures changed various Indigeous lifestyles.

         From Arapaho to Zuni, the heritage is based on traditions, languages, regalia, art and religion. Even from the difference that the Westerners had on indigeous life, the world changed and is what we know today.

          Native American tribes consisted of 573 federally recognized tribes in the United States. This month of heritage is dedicated to the history, diverse cultures and acknowledgement of the American Indian. From being mistaken as Indians from India to present day warriors of indigieous knowledge.

Heritage month of Native America is an honor to the tribes of America through the awareness and challenges that Natives had to face on a daily basis like Missing Murdered Indigeous Women (MMIW), NoDapl back in 2016 and mistreatment of Native American people.

Heritage to the Native people is important, it shows that as a Native person, an aboriginal of the nation that was built on war, slaughter, tragic events, untold histories through the eyes of elders and the awareness of self love as an indigeous beings living in the 21st century.

           The heart, soul and mindset of Indigeous America is fading and all we have is limited resources that help today’s youth. The lifestyle of Indigeous life is not gone yet, we, the youths of tribes that fought foreigners’ forefathers are still present and the heritage of Native Americans are here to stay. The will and hopes of Native Tribes from centuries before are becoming a reality. Diverse cultures of traditions, languages, regalias, religions and peoples are heritage to the mindset of Native American Heritage Month.