October 2, 2023

In response to: LETTER TO THE EDITOR

Daryn Mason sports editor

I read Cory Ewan’s letter to the editor where he talked about how general classes are necessary, because they help students figure out what they like and help them with their careers.

I do agree with that one can learn who they are and diversify if they take general classes. Someone who doesn’t know what they want to go into as a career should take general classes to figure it out.

However, those of us who know exactly what we want to go into shouldn’t be forced to take classes that we don’t even need. It’s a total waste of our time and it slows us down.

I totally agree that for my career in radio broadcasting and business, I need math and English. Math is no problem for me, I can deal with it because I am good at math. I don’t mind taking an English class either. I am taking English 2010, but I hate it, because I don’t feel like I am learning anything except for politics and debate.

There are two specific classes that I shouldn’t even have to take at all. That is chemistry and biology, what’s up with that. I will never ever use them in my future and I waste my time taking them, it’s annoying.

I believe that general classes are important if you don’t know what you want to go into. Some are important if you know the career field you want to go into, but there are many general classes that those of us who know our career field does not need to take. I hope that you can see where I’m coming from and see why I am upset about the classes I have to take. I believe that colleges and universities all over the nation need to rethink whether or not to force students to take general classes.

Sincerely, Daryn Mason.

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