June 20, 2024


Cody Phelps managing editor

The end of the year always rounds out with a plethora of celebrations. Starting in October and finishing with the start of the new year.

           During that time, there’s a celebration that melts my heart and put smiles on faces. Of course, I’m talking about Christmas.

           The winter months are a huge time for me and my family to enjoy parties and presents and fun. While I know others will be spending that time celebrating Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or even just celebrating the beauty of the snow, I celebrate Christmas.

            I think everyone should be respectful to each other at all times of the year, everyone is different and we should celebrate those differences, but I don’t think we need to put so much emphasis on how we greet and thank each other during this holiday season. 

         When I see someone in November and December, often times I’ll greet them with a joyful “Merry Christmas” and a smile. When I say that, I don’t expect them to run home and throw up a tree, decorate their house with Santa lights, or shop for a reindeer to fly around, I don’t expect anything. I just want them to know that I’m thinking about them and wishing them good fortune.

           I think saying Happy Holidays is fine, if that makes you feel more comfortable, then by all means, please use that greeting. Just don’t attack me or make me feel like a bad person for using the greeting I decide to use.

        Christmas is the single most important day of the year for me. I wait 364 days between every Christmas, so when I decide to wish someone a Merry Christmas, I think it has the potential to carry a lot more weight than the generic Happy Holidays greeting.

          Regardless of what you choose to greet your friends, family and neighbors with this year, treat everyone with the respect and dignity they deserve. Do things, get involved with the community and enjoy the season.