October 19, 2021

Soccer team score new equipment

The sign for the new scoreboard reflects the name of the soccer fields: Castleview Soccer Fields. It was installed fall semester and is a state-of-the-art electronic scoreboard used by athletics

Racquel Bera news editor

Over the summer of 2019, a project concerning the new soccer field, located beside the cemetery and the field behind the BDAC, came to an end with the establishment of the new scoreboard. This change was sponsored by Castle View Hospital, a committed donor to the campus, and so in remembrance of their contribution, the field was renamed the Castle View Soccer Fields.

“I think it shows the great things that can happen when you partner with the organizations in the community,” associate vice president, Greg Dart, said during his interview. By partnering with organizations in the community this college can achieve the goals it strives for. Castle View aids the college by helping to produce high-quality graduates in health fields, as well as funding for scholarships, and support for the student-athletes. “Without community partnerships like that, we couldn’t do a lot of the things we want to do.”

The scoreboard and soccer fields, in particular, have been multi-year projects. Over the course of time, the community has been able to watch the metamorphosis of the Castle View soccer field from it’s early stages to this upcoming end. Originally an open field, the area was bulldozed, re-sodded, and fenced. The college is providing bleachers this year as well as maintenance for the field and to top it off, the scoreboard with its sophisticated technology, is to be in the limelight at a ribbon-cutting ceremony sometime in the future.

It’s intended use, however, is not strictly for the success of USU Eastern’s athletes. Although the field is maintained by the soccer team as a place for athletic practice, the campus and community are encouraged to visit and enjoy the recreation of being outside as well.

As for the soccer field behind the BDAC, it is being considered for future renovations. “One idea we are considering is to transform it into an indoor practice space that can be utilized year-round,” said Dart.

Of course, the crowning jewel is the scoreboard, and with the help of the soccer coaches concerning placement, it will be optimal for use during future games. “I think a big part of running a college is looking at the student experience,” Dart commented, “If we are only focusing on the classroom, then I think we’re missing a part of the student experience.” Student athletics is an important factor and experience to have in a student lifestyle. Every student plays a part on the campus and that is what makes this college special. With partnerships in the community, not only are we uniting both fronts, but forming opportunities to create a vibrant campus atmosphere and experience for students.

Future collaborations with the community concerning projects like the scoreboard and soccer fields are in the cards for USU Eastern. Every day the college and Carbon county are taking steps to better both the campus and community. “These kinds of projects, show that right now, maybe more than ever, that the community is embracing the University and we are seeing what can be done when we work together,” Dart said. As previously mentioned, there will be an unveiling and ribbon cutting in the future, though the date has yet to be decided on. This will be an open invitation to campus and community for the field use. Partnerships with the price recreational center are also on the horizon, where kids in the community participating in things like the youth soccer teams, or highschool athletics, can have a place to practice as well. So go out and rally for the athletic teams on campus whenever you get a chance. After all, they work hard, and it’s all apart of the college experience!

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