June 20, 2024

What’s 2020 gaming going to look like?

New games in 2020 for consoles and PC

It’s a new year and a new year of game releases. This will likely be the last year of this generation, with the PS5 and Microsoft’s Series X on the horizon, so let’s look at how this console generation is being sent off with a bang. Today we’ll discuss what is likely to be the best of the best games out there, starting with games that are out as of this paper’s release. 

“Dragon Ball Z, Kakarot:” Coming out the day of this paper’s release, “Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot” is an RPG on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. This game will follow the story of the anime series of the same name, from the initial introduction to the cast all the way to the final saga. It’s a journey, great for fans of the show and newcomers to the series alike. It tells the full story, and leaves nothing out, while even delving more into the backstories of the characters than the show did. It should be a great time.

“Street Fighter V: Champion Edition:” A new release of the famous fighting game series, it will come with new balance changes, new characters, and all new features not found in the previous version of SFV. The ever popular series returns on the PS4 and PC in February.

“Doom Eternal:” The Sequel to 2016’s “Doom” reboot, “Doom Eternal” will release in March on Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One, and PS4. An intense, action packed gore fest, this first person shooter will keep you on the edge of your seat and feeling like the most powerful man alive as you rip And tear your way through hordes of hell. A massive arsenal and tons of customization await you, Slayer.

“Final Fantasy VII Remake:” The long awaited remake of “Final Fantasy VII,” once thought to be an impossible dream, is on the horizon. Releasing on the PS4 on March 3, Final Fantasy VII Remake is a modern reimagining of the gaming classic. Originally made for the PS1, FFVII suffered from outdated graphics, in spite of the decent gameplay loop and legendary story. 

The Remake intends to rectify this, while giving the gameplay a total overhaul, resulting in a combination of the strategy of the old games, and the fast paced reactionary combat systems of today’s Final Fantasy games. If you’ve ever wanted to experience this game, or want to see it in a whole new light, this is a game for you.

“Resident Evil 3, Nemesis:” A remake of the game by the same name, RE3: Nemesis is slated for a release on April 3, on PS4. This horror game is one that has terrorized gamers since the nineties, and the gore filled halls and streets of Raccoon City are an experience you shouldn’t miss. 

Furthermore, this game holds the nightmare known as Nemesis, who will relentlessly chase you throughout the entire game with one objective: to make you as dead as humanly possible. It’s sure to be a treat with updated graphics and an entire orchestrated soundtrack.