October 2, 2023


Where does the money go when I pay my speeding ticket? Does the cop get any of it?

No, the cop does not get any of the money.  Your fine is split and divided up by numerous different government entities.   Criminal fines are divided up differently than traffic fines.

In the last “Ask a Cop” feature we learned how expensive a speeding ticket can be.   Whether it is $120 or $470, everyone wants a piece of it.   The state lawmakers have passed laws that spell out how the money is split up.  This division is called  the Uniform Fine/Bail Schedule.

Where does the money go?   There are so many variables that giving an accurate example would take more time and space then we have here.   I will try to break it down as simply as possible.  The courts collect the total fine amount.   A surcharge is subtracted out of the fine at a rate of  35%, 85% or 90% depending on the charges and plea agreement.  This surcharge is then divided into 12 different programs at varying percentages.  These programs and percentages are listed below.  In the end the officer gets nothing, the police department and or city/county gets very little.   Most of the money goes into the operations of the courts and into the 12 programs as defined by state law.

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