March 22, 2023

USU announces new tuition rates and reduced fees at Eastern Campus

Utah State University has announced tuition changes for students attending the Eastern campus, along with changes to the university’s Career and Technical Education tuition.

Beginning with the summer 2020 semester, full-time (12-18 credits) resident students who have 65 or fewer earned credits at USU Eastern will have a tuition rate of $1,820.64. Non-resident students who attend USU Eastern with 65 or fewer credits will receive a full-time tuition rate of $5,435.52.

In prior semesters, students would be charged, regardless of earned credits, by lower-and upper-division courses for which they were registered. This tuition change results in a more predictable cost for students and incentivizes the completion of an associate degrees along the path to a bachelor’s degree.

“These are very exciting changes being made with students in mind,” said USU Eastern Associate Vice President Greg Dart. “We have seen significant increases in bachelor’s degree seeking students, and this tuition change gives them a clear path at a potentially much lower cost. These changes impact positively a very high percentage of our current students and nearly every future student.”

Another significant change that will be implemented this summer involves Career and Technical Education tuition and fees. Tuition for CTE students will cost $67.50 per credit and student fees will cost $15 per credit. Each CTE program will have additional program fees that will vary by program. Previously, students in CTE programs paid the same tuition rate as other students. This tuition change provides a comparable costs to other technical colleges in Utah and will result in a significant cost savings for USU Eastern students in these programs.

“The changes to our Career and Technical Education programs are critical in developing today’s technical workforce in Southeastern Utah,” said Larry Smith, Interim Vice President of Statewide Campuses. “These affordable, competency-based programs prepare students with in-demand skills and hands-on training while they enjoy a traditional student environment.”

Students who have more than 65 earned credits will have the same tuition rate and student fees as those students who attend the main campus in Logan and other statewide campuses. The 2020-21 tuition rate for a full-time resident student for those campuses will be $3,365.95 with student fees set at $363.07 for statewide campuses and $563.77 at the Logan campus.

Hailee Pett, a sophomore from Kaysville who attends USU Eastern, believes the change in tuition will help students avoid having to take on more debt to earn a quality education.

“This change will help limit students like myself from getting into more debt for the first couple years of school. I can come back to school here next semester and still pay that lower tuition while having a great experience and earning a Utah State degree. It motivates me to continue my college experience at USU Eastern,” said Pett.

Students will be charged tuition based on their earned credit hours at the time of registration. Students who have questions about the change in tuition should contact their campus for more information on how these changes will impact them in the upcoming semesters.

Stay tuned for a virtual event to answer any questions about the new Southeast Tuition table as part of USU’s What’s Next Wednesdays.

For more information about USU Eastern tuition and fees, please visit .

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