June 14, 2024

Dear Lori

I have what some may call a pickle on my hands. I’ve recently taken up tradition in my life. I have sworn an oath to train as a luchador. Part of the oath is the sacred mask. A luchador removes his own self and
embraces the face of his choosing. It’s a very important and respected part of the culture. Unfortunately, it has affected my life emotionally and romantically. I can no longer keep a relationship because of my refusal to remove my mask. Can you help me? I can’t split myself in two ways and lucha is life.
Thank you much Lori!
Rey De Los Trucos
First of all, it is very admirable that you have found a tradition in your culture to be part of. The most obvious thing that sets lucha libre (the Mexican term for their form of wrestling) apart is that almost every major Mexican wrestling star wears a mask and doesn’t use his real name. Some luchadores take their lucha identity outside the ring, keeping the mask on when out in public. Some families pass their ring identities onto the next generation, father to son. It sounds to me like you have made a decision to wear your colorful mask proudly at all times. It will take a very strong partner to love you unconditionally as you have already married yourself to the training and your sacred mask. I wish you the best in your romantic endeavors because then I will be able to say I knew your father when he was “King of the Tricks” to your son!
Love On,
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