April 20, 2024

Faculty to student mentoring program launched in fall 2020

The Uintah Basin statewide campus launched a faculty membership program several years ago for students to mentor with faculty members. The mentorship program was a pilot initiative to increase the success of students and retention ay USU. 

In fall 2020, the program was expanded to USU Eastern. There are four goals to the program: 1- Successfully adjust to university life. 2- Feel like they are valued members of the university. 3- Have a clear sense of purpose. 4- Achieve their educational goals. 

Regarding the goals of the mentorship program, assistant professor in social work, Jeff Spears said, “I think this is a wonderful initiative to bridge the gap between high school and college life. In looking at my own career, I am grateful for the mentors in my life throughout my college experience.” 

Students will be able to sign up for a mentor and have one assigned to them based on their specific area of study. 

Spears added, “The program will pair students to mentors in specific areas of study and provide an opportunity for undeclared students to explore various options through mentorship. This is all very exciting.” 

In the first few weeks of school, the program gained interest of over 15 faculty members at USU Eastern. 

 should have noticed

In the first few weeks of school, the program gained the interest of over 15 faculty members at USU Eastern. Students should have noticed signs around campus advertising the program. If you are interested in a faculty mentor, visit statewide.usu.edu/mentor, read the student information on the front page, and fill out the short Qualtrics survey. 

Your information will be sorted by major and a USU Eastern faculty be assigned to you in a few weeks. In a mentee role according to the website, ”Your role as a student mentee is to consistently interact with your faculty mentor in a way that helps you achieve your educational goals. This means that you are willing to be open and honest with your mentor, that you respect your mentors’ time, that you respond to contact, that you honor commitments, and that you are open to constructive feedback from your mentor.”