April 20, 2024

Sexual respect

Sexual harassment has always been a problem on college campuses around the world. In places where students are supposed to feel safe, they aren’t. Both men and women are put at risk of sexual harassment, assault and rape by simply attending college. In an effort to reduce that risk, Utah State University implemented a new section of its website specifically for sexual respect resources.

USU tries to create a safe and comfortable learning environment for students. Sexual respect is important to the safety of the student body. On this page, students can report any sexual misconduct they experienced and find counseling services to help them through this experience. 

This service also works to prevent sexual harassment from happening. A prevention strategy is in place and linked on the sexual respect website. USU added mandatory prevention training for all students that must be completed within the first couple of months of the first semester. This training teaches students how to make informed decisions and touch on founding principles such as consent and mental well being. 

When reporting an assault, students fill out a form on the website. It requires the student’s information and description of what happened. The layout is easy to understand and gets information for an investigation into the incident. 

Describing the incident in detail can be triggering and may cause anxiety. On the website, there is an option to schedule a meeting with a counselor to help students through the experience. It isn’t easy talking about it, the extra assistance can provide help.

College should be a fun experience. USU is doing its best to keep it safe and allow the students to live without fear. Don’t be afraid to speak up about any uncomfortable experiences, there are people here to help.