April 18, 2024

The Bookworm Chronicles

Compared to on-screen adventures, the written word is much more open to interpretation, the way a person reads to how they view, it’s much more elaborate and inventive. Because what a person reads becomes a creation in their imagination, that even though it is described one way, inside the reader’s mind they can make it their own fabrication of the story.

For instance, when I read “Sabriel” by Garth Nix, he uses simple details, but gives enough information  to create your own image. For example, he wrote, “It was several feet higher than Abhorsen, and there were pale marsh-lights burning where you would expect to see eyes…….”
   With detail like this, it is a great example of less is more scenario because now the reader can create a creature from their own perspective and design. Books with a lot of details sometimes lose the reader and not keep their attention for long periods.
Books can take you on all different adventures and help you forget the world and leave your troubles behind even if it is just for a little bit. We all need that small break and books give us that time.

Some of us are not natural born readers and have to work for it. I have been a slow reader the early parts of my childhood. I was on a kindergarten-reading level in the third grade and almost gave up until I was pushed by teachers and my  mother to pick a book I wanted to read. It did not matter if it was my reading level or not, all I had to do was pick one.

That is when I found “Sabriel.” That book changed my life, I wanted to read it so bad I would practice and push my self to start understanding page by page of it. Then one day I finished the book, I was so excited I read the book over just to show that I really can read.

By the end of my third-grade year, I went from a kindergarten reading level to a high school reading level all because of one book. One teacher that believed in me and my mother who never let me give up. it is because of them I have my own library and own over 900 books.

To this day I still go back and read my favorite book that started it all Sabriel. I use it as a way of escaping my reality and disappearing into another world. I feel that you do not get that kind of experience in a movie or a tv show. Yes, they are nice to pass the time and entertain us but nothing beats a good book.