April 20, 2024

Who’s the Best Spider-man? Tom Holland

The story of Spider-Man has been retold so many times in cartoons and movies. It has all been the same. A boy gets bitten by a spider, gets superhuman abilities and fights crime. He falls for a girl and goes through the struggles of losing his uncle. It gets boring. Tom Holland, the newest portrayer of Spider-Man, has brought something new to the character. 

The story begins with the meeting of two worlds, Iron-man and Spider-Man. The audience doesn’t see the spider bite nor do they see the death of Uncle Ben in the story. They jump right in. It was unexpected and a welcomed difference.

The change wasn’t just in the story. The characters have all been adapted to be more realistic. This new Peter Parker is funny, young, a little stupid and super nerdy. Holland brings an innocence to the character that hadn’t been seen before. Every other Spider-Man has been a dark, moody, emotional teenager who fought for revenge. Holland brings a happy, selfless, bright demeanor and it contrasts greatly. Also, he is relatable and more believable as a high school student. 

Michelle Jones, the modern version of Mary Jane is the love interest. She is portrayed as an alternative outcast. This is a great contrast to her classic portrayal as a popular and “soft” character. The best friend in this franchise, Ned Leads, is the comedic relief. Each character has their moments and does not have unnecessary feuds with Spidey.

The Holland version of the movies is more light hearted. The writers took a chance and made the movie more comedic and less emotional by allowing the drama to be less condensed than in the other movies. It is a fun movie series to watch no matter what mood you are in. It includes all genres. It’s a drama, a romance, a comedy, a coming of age tale. So many things are incorporated in these movies. I’m excited for Spidey.