July 5, 2022

Halloween with a spooky twist

Halloween is such a great time of year. Everyone gets to dress up as whoever they want to be and everyone is ready to get spooky. There are so many activities that we all do: going to a pumpkin patch, trick-or-treating, having parties, all of which can be dangerous as we are still in the midst of a pandemic. 

While most people are wearing their masks and keeping others safe, there is still a stigma around it. Wearing a mask on Halloween is completely normal and should feel familiar. This year especially, try to get creative with your costume and incorporate a mask in whatever you decide to be. Just make sure it’s socially respectful and appropriate. 

With a mask, pumpkin patch trips and carving your pumpkins with a small group is perfectly acceptable. Along with social distancing, there is very little risk in that sense. Both activities could be done outside as well. There is no need to endanger each other when there are so many options for safety. 

A lot of people, even college students, trick-or-treat yearly on Halloween. It is fun to wander around and get free snacks. This year has to be different. There has not been any restrictions set in place specifically for trick-or-treating, but it is not a safe option right now. The spread of COVID-19 is fast and easy. It starts with one person exposed and they expose everyone they come in contact with. Hundreds of children getting candy from someone exposed could lead to a spike in cases, school closures and a higher death rate. It is not wise to participate in such an activity while many are immunocompromised. There are other ways to get candy and while it may seem boring, it’s safer for everyone involved. 

Halloween parties are fun. Everyone comes in costumes, there are snacks, music and dancing. Normally it would be a great way to celebrate, but not now. As mentioned before, COVID-19 spreads very quickly. The fastest way to catch it would be to throw a party with people who have been out in the world. There are plenty of ways to have safe gatherings. A small group of people who all socially distance and wear their masks can still be a really fun time. There is more room to dance, less snacks to buy, and you are less likely to catch a case of the virus. 

This year has already been full of adjustments. It can be frustrating to have to change everything to be safe. Remember that it is also for the safety of others. There are many ways to have a fun holiday and maybe the best option would be to stay home. Think twice about your plans and have a happy and safe Halloween!

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