June 27, 2022

Helper artist, Charles Callis, exhibits his paintings in ‘Continuum’ at Gallery East

Helper Artist, Charles Callis, is exhibiting a series of paintings at Utah State University Eastern’s Gallery East titled “Continuum” from Oct. 14 – Nov. 6.

The paintings are meaningful to the artist for their source of inspiration. “These paintings are based on photographs taken by my grandfather, Keith Hayes, depicting life in the 1930s to 50s,” Callis said. “His work took him all over the country and through it all he diligently documented his experiences.”

The photographs serve as a catalyst to Callis’ own approach to painting. The soft, ghostly brush strokes of the artist’s brush are reflective of his grandfather’s way of living. “He was patient, soft-spoken and he loved people,” Callis remembers.

The work presented in “Continuum” will resonate with people who hold memories of a simpler time. The paintings are contemplative and have a soft-edged, dreamlike quality that might harken back to a place or thought that pulls the viewer into the scene. Colors are muted but suggest a sublime or otherworldly state.

Callis was born in 1984 in Salt Lake City. He was educated in Germany, England, Switzerland and the United States. He earned a bachelors of fine arts degree from the University of Utah and lives and works in Helper. He admits to enjoying exploring the American West.

Gallery East is located in the Central Instruction Building and its exhibits are free and open to the public during the academic year from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., closed weekends and holidays. The gallery observes Covid-19 precautions, including face coverings and a limit of 10 people in the gallery at one time. The reception for this exhibit will be “by invitation only.”

Contact Noel Carmack, at 435-613-5241 or email [email protected] for any questions about the exhibit. 

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