April 13, 2024

A disgrace in the court

United States Supreme Court building is located in Washington, D.C., USA.

Amy Coney Barret was sworn into the Supreme Court on Monday, October 26. The new justice has a lot of controversy surrounding her appointment.

She has shown strong opinions on LGBTQ+ rights, gun control regulations and abortion. There is a lot to be wary of. If you are a woman, a member of the LGBTQ+ community or anyone with a uterus, you should be concerned. 

It has been a growing fear in the LGBTQ+ community. Their rights to marriage, healthcare and way of life are in jeopardy. While it’s clear that Justice Barret is not a fan of the community, the fear is at a peak.  It is unclear how she will attempt to ruin the anti-discrimination laws but, it is assumed that gay marriage rights will be in jeopardy for years to come. 

The healthcare for members in the pride community have been at stake during the entire presidency of Donald Trump. This is yet another push towards the removal of LGBTQA+ rights. Medicine and marriage should not be controlled by government entities. Humans should be able to get medical help they need and marry whoever they want. Justice Barret disagrees. 

Women’s rights have been fought for much longer than LGBTQ+ rights and the fight for both is still going strong. The late supreme court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg made strides for women in her time on the court, may she rest in peace. Many of her efforts allowed Barret to gain a seat on the high court, to have a job and to think for herself. 

Now, she is taking her place and is pushing against the right to abortion, healthcare and birth control, things that women need in everyday life. It is something young girls should not have to worry about. Now they have to. 

It has been said countless times that Justice Barret doesn’t rely on her religious beliefs in court. So why is she so adamantly fighting against LGBTQ+ and abortion rights? While these topics may seem political, the arguments against are firmly based on a religious bias. Justice Barret is pushing against the separation of church and state until it will no longer exist. That goes against everything America stood for in its creation. 

It is irresponsible for President Trump to appoint Barret in the court this close to a presidential election. It shows disrespect to RBG. Her dying wish was to allow the american people to have a say in her replacement.

Justice Barret is incapable of putting aside her religious agenda. She is unwilling to remain unbiased in the highest court in the nation. It is absolutely despicable that she was sworn in to the court in the first place. The country has to deal with the repercussions for years. 

This appointnent was hypocritical and unethical. A lifetime appointment should never be made in less than one calendar month… especially immediately before an election.