February 7, 2023

Trump behind the curtain

Rarely do you get to see yourself at a crossroads in history, a moment that will be recalled in the annals of past remembrances as either the moment we prevailed or the time where we truly forgot who we were. The benefit of such foresight should be obvious, that we easily and entirely avoid the event’s negatives and push towards a dawn full of the positives, however, that doesn’t seem to be the path we have travelled to this point. 

You may read these words and assume they are motivated by a political bent, I assure you, they are not. You may read these sentences and believe my disgust for one is fueled by my love for the other, I assure you, it is not. 

You may read these paragraphs and assume my heart is full of hatred, I assure you, my plea is made because my heart is full of compassion and longing. 

You may read this article and dismiss it, as so many I’m sure will, but the words will always remain, stained upon these pages for time and all eternity. I wish for you to read them, I wish for you to feel them and I wish for you to judge me based upon them.

Before the last election, Donald Trump emerged from his cess-pool of debauchery and gold-plated vanity to assume his role as commander of the chaos, he played his golden fiddle and the acolytes came in droves, as they always do. His message was simple, hate the things I tell you to hate, forget the things I tell you to forget, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain for I am Oz, the great and powerful. 

And you did, you fell for it and the most troubling fact of it all is, he didn’t even try to hide his forked tongue as he won you over. An administrator at this college who is a Republican once possessed the integrity to speak out against Trump and his hatred, but he was quickly won over by a handshake and a smile. He gained a new support system, but lost the respect of his peers. 

Trump has lived a life, and continues to live a life of horrible dishonesty, pathetic immaturity and disgusting misogyny. These are not my interpretations, this is plain reality without spin, as you attempt to justify the following examples please realize I, along with most of the world are fully aware of them and your attempt to minimize or deny is heartbreaking in the saddest way I can conceive. 

“Grab her by the pussy” should have done it for anyone who calls themselves Christian. Bragging about dating young girls on camera should have done it for any Father or Mother. Mocking a disabled man in public should have done it for anyone who calls themselves decent. 

Mocking American prisoners of war should have done it for anyone who calls themselves a patriot. Attacking our allies and cozying up to dictators should have done it for anyone who calls themselves American. Cheating on each and every one of his wives, the most current one with a pornstar should have done it for anyone who believes in the importance of family. 

Then he was elected. After all of that, he was still elected and he continued his constant spew of diarrheal word excrement all over the American flag so many pretend they care about. 

Each morning I wake up a few hours before the rest of the household, I turn on a shower and then I read the news headlines on NPR, PBS and the BBC. I then read the headlines from Fox News and MSNBC. Then I read everything Trump said or tweeted since yesterday. I don’t read commentary, I don’t read analyses. I see the information and I extrapolate for myself. 

Donald J. Trump is the single most pathetic and disgusting human to inhabit the Oval Office in over a century bar none. His behavior is shocking, his words are pure vomit, the way he responds to criticism is embarrassing and his philosophy is so simple it doesn’t even bear analyses. I am not attacking Trump’s integrity, I am denying it’s existence entirely.

On Nov. 3, remember my words, remember my plea. Stand with hope, stand with integrity, stand with intelligence, stand against Trump, stand with me and all of history will look down upon us and will forever know, we stood for truth and justice. 

Stand with me for the little children locked in cages by this monster, stand with me for the victims of sexual assault that he mocks, stand with me now and forever you can rest easy knowing you stood for right when it mattered most. I will stand.

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